Category-265: 权限/沙箱问题

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Category-265: 权限/沙箱问题

ID: 265
Status: Incomplete


Weaknesses in this category occur with improper enforcement of sandbox environments, or the improper handling, assignment, or management of privileges.


CWE-243 未改变工作目录时创建chroot Jail
CWE-250 带着不必要的权限执行
CWE-266 特权授予不正确
CWE-267 特权定义了不安全动作
CWE-268 特权链锁
CWE-269 特权管理不恰当
CWE-271 特权放弃/降低错误
CWE-274 不充分特权处理不恰当
CWE-501 违背信任边界
CWE-580 未定义super.clone()的clone()方法
CWE-610 资源在另一范围的外部可控制索引
CWE-648 特权API的不正确使用
CWE-766 关键变量被公开声明
CWE-767 通过公开方法可访问到关键的私有数据

Taxonomy Mappings

Mapped Taxonomy Name Node ID Fit Mapped Node Name
PLOVER Privilege / sandbox errors



This can strongly overlap authorization errors.


A sandbox could be regarded as an explicitly defined sphere of control, in that the sandbox only defines a limited set of behaviors, which can only access a limited set of resources.


It could be argued that any privilege problem occurs within the context of a sandbox.

Research Gap

Many of the following concepts require deeper study. Most privilege problems are not classified at such a low level of detail, and terminology is very sparse. Certain classes of software, such as web browsers and software bug trackers, provide a rich set of examples for further research. Operating systems have matured to the point that these kinds of weaknesses are rare, but finer-grained models for privileges, capabilities, or roles might introduce subtler issues.


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