CVE-2022-0847 Linux 内核 提权漏洞[附exploit]

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        DirtyPipe (CVE-2022-0847) 是自 5.8 以来 Linux 内核中的一个漏洞,它允许覆盖任意只读文件中的数据。


CVE-2022-0847 Linux 内核 提权漏洞[附exploit]




What is this

This is Max Kellermann's exploit POC for DirtyPipe, but modified to overwrite root's password field in /etc/passwd and restore after popping a shell.

How to use this

Run ./ then ./exploit and it'll pop a root shell.

su: must be run from a terminal

  1. If you get this error message, login as root with the password aaron.
  2. Then, restore /etc/passwd by running mv /tmp/passwd.bak /etc/passwd

(oops sorry my laptop battery is dying and my charger broke so I don't have time to fix this the right now, sorry)


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