Security Boundaries 安全边界

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A security boundary is the line of intersection between any two areas, subnets, or environments that have different security requirements or needs. A security boundary exists between a high-security area and a low-security one, such as between a LAN and the internet. It is important to recognize the security boundaries both on your network and in the physical world. Once you identify a security boundary, you must deploy mechanisms to control the flow of information across that boundary. 


Divisions between security areas can take many forms. For example, objects may have different classifications. Each classification defines what functions can be performed by which subjects on which objects. The distinction between classifications is a security  boundary.

Security boundaries also exist between the physical environment and the logical environment. To provide logical security, you must provide security mechanisms that are different from those used to provide physical security. Both must be present to provide a complete security structure, and both must be addressed in a security policy. However, they are different and must be assessed as separate elements of a security solution. 

Security boundaries, such as a perimeter between a protected area and an unprotected one, should always be clearly defined. It’s important to state in a security policy the point at which control ends or begins and to identify that point in both the physical and logical environments. Logical security boundaries are the points where electronic communications interface with devices or services for which your organization is legally responsible. In most cases, that interface is clearly marked, and unauthorized subjects are informed that they do not have access and that attempts to gain access will result in prosecution. 

The security perimeter in the physical environment is often a reflection of the security perimeter of the logical environment. In most cases, the area for which the organization is legally responsible determines the reach of a security policy in the physical realm. This can be the walls of an office, the walls of a building, or the fence around a campus. In secured environments, warning signs are posted  indicating that unauthorized access is prohibited and that attempts to gainaccess will be thwarted and result in prosecution. 

When transforming a security policy into actual controls, you must consider each environment and security boundary separately. Simply deduce what available security mechanisms would provide the most reasonable, cost-effective, and efficient solution for a specific environment and situation. However, all security mechanisms must be weighed against the value of the objects they are to protect. Deploying countermeasures that cost more than the value of the protected objects is unwarranted. 

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