树莓派的基本配置 [手工翻译]

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In the first lesson of this series, we showed you how to prepare an SD card containing an operating system for your Raspberry Pi. In this lesson, we will show you how to setup your Raspberry Pi the first time you boot it up.


树莓派的基本配置 [手工翻译]

We do this using a tool called Raspi-Config that runs automatically the first time you boot your Raspberry Pi. This starts before the windowing system and so you have to use the cursor keys and Return key to navigate the menu system.


It is a bit like adjusting the BIOS settings on a PC, once you have things right, you probably won’t need it again. We will start with the options that are most important and then look at some of the other options that you may wish to configure.



This may seem a bit strange, but by default the Raspberry Pi only uses as much of the SD card as the operating system requires. This means that even though you might have used a large SD card, the operating system won’t use it


树莓派的基本配置 [手工翻译]

To fix this so that all the space on the SD card can be used, use up / down cursor keys to select the ‘expand_rootfs’ menu option and hit return.


Once you do that, there will be some screen flashing as a script is run and then you will see the following confirmation.


树莓派的基本配置 [手工翻译]

Press Return again to return to the main menu.



Being designed to work with TVs, you may find that your Pi is only using the middle portion of the screen and there is a big unused area all round the screen.


This is not true of all TVs and monitors, but if its happening for you then selecting the option to Disable Overscan may fix this for you.

不能显示全屏是很蛋疼的,但你你可以选择Disable Overscan 去解决这个问题

树莓派的基本配置 [手工翻译]

Use the left and right cursor keys to make your selection and then hit Return.

选择 disabling overscan,然后回车

树莓派的基本配置 [手工翻译]

If after disabling overscan, you cannot see the left edge of the screen then see the section ‘Running Raspi_Config After Booting’.

禁用overscan后,你就不能看见屏幕的左边缘了,然后开机之后 请选Running Raspi_Config


Skipping past a few options for a moment, the next thing that you almost certainly need to do is (unless you live in the GMT timezone) is to change the timezone.


树莓派的基本配置 [手工翻译]

From the options, first select the Geographic Area, then the Timezone within that area.


0x04 开机进入桌面

By default, when the Raspberry Pi boots, you just get a command line. No windows just a terminal where you can login and type commands.


The final configuration that you definitely want to make, unless you don’t like windowing environments is to change the boot behaviour so that it automatically starts the windowing system and logs you in.

树莓派的基本配置 [手工翻译]

Select the sensible option and hit Return.


树莓派的基本配置 [手工翻译]


The options described above are those which could pretty much be considered essential when running your Raspberry Pi for the first time. There are some other options listed that are worth describing briefly.


configure_keyboard – as it implies allows you to chose from a long list of keyboard layouts.


change_pass – allows you to change the system password for the user ‘pi’ the default user on the system. By default, this password is ‘raspberry’ so those preoccupied with security may wish to change the password.

允许你更改树莓派的系统密码,默认情况下密码是raspberry ,假如你怕被大黑阔入侵,就改掉它吧

change_locale – For non-English speakers, you can select which locales should be available on the system and which should be the default for the operating system.


memory_split – allows you to adjust how much of the shared system memory is available for graphics and how much for the main processor. If you plan to run graphics hungry games, or video playback, then you may decide to alter these settings.


ssh – in a later tutorial we will look at remote controlling your Pi from another computer using ssh. This option allows you to enable ssh so that you can do that.


update – this option tries to find a newer version of Raspi_Config and download it. It is possible that new options will be added to the system in the future, so you may wsh to do this.



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