View-699: Development Concepts

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View-699: Development Concepts

ID: 699

Type: Graph

Status: Incomplete


This view organizes weaknesses around concepts that are frequently used or encountered in software development. Accordingly, this view can align closely with the perspectives of developers, educators, and assessment vendors. It provides a variety of categories that are intended to simplify navigation, browsing, and mapping.


Software Developers

Software developers use this view to better understand potential mistakes that can be made in specific areas of their code. The use of concepts that developers are familiar with makes it easier to navigate.


Educators use this view to teach future developers about the types of mistakes that are commonly made within specific parts of a codebase.


CWE-ID title
CWE-16 配置
CWE-19 数据处理错误
CWE-21 路径名遍历和等值错误
CWE-189 数值错误
CWE-254 7PK-安全功能
CWE-361 7PK-时间和状态
CWE-389 错误条件、返回值、状态代码
CWE-399 资源管理错误
CWE-417 通道和路径错误
CWE-429 处理程序错误
CWE-438 行为问题
CWE-840 业务逻辑错误
CWE-442 网络问题
CWE-355 用户界面安全问题
CWE-452 初始化和清除错误
CWE-465 指针问题
CWE-490 移动代码问题
CWE-559 常见误用:形参和实参
CWE-569 表达问题
CWE-657 违背安全设计原则
CWE-1006 错误的编码做法


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