Kali Linux中使用shutter截图工具

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在Kali 2017以前的版本中默认有一款截图工具--screenshot,升级到2017版后找不到了,下面介绍一款同样好用的截图工具---shutter

在Kali 2017以前的版本中默认有一款截图工具--screenshot,升级到2017版后找不到了,下面介绍一款同样好用的截图工具---shutter


root@kali:~# apt-get update

root@kali:~# apt-get install shutter





[email protected]:~# shutter -d SECONDS


[email protected]:~# shutter -h

WARNING: gnome-web-photo is missing --> screenshots of websites will be disabled!

WARNING: Image::ExifTool is missing --> writing Exif information will be disabled!


    shutter [options]


    Example 1

            shutter -a -p=myprofile --min_at_startup

    Example 2

            shutter -s=100,100,300,300 -e

    Example 3

            shutter --window=.*firefox.*

    Example 4

            shutter --web=http://shutter-project.org/ -e

  Capture Mode Options:

    -s, --select=[X,Y,WIDTH,HEIGHT]

            Capture an area of the screen. Providing X,Y,WIDTH,HEIGHT is


    -f, --full

            Capture the entire screen.

    -w, --window=[NAME_PATTERN]

            Select a window to capture. Providing a NAME_PATTERN (Perl-style

            regex) ist optional.

    -a, --active

            Capture the current active window.


            Capture a section. You will be able to select any child window

            by moving the mouse over it.

    -m, --menu

            Capture a menu.

    -t, --tooltip

            Capture a tooltip.


            Capture a webpage. Providing an URL ist optional.

    -r, --redo

            Redo last screenshot.

  Settings Options:

    -p, --profile=NAME

            Load a specific profile on startup.

    -o, --output=FILENAME

            Specify a filename to save the screenshot to (overwrites any

            profile-related setting).

            Supported image formats: You can save to any popular image

            format (e.g. jpeg, png, gif, bmp). Additionally it is possible

            to save to pdf, ps or svg.

            Please note: There are several wildcards available, like

             %Y = year

             %m = month

             %d = day

             %T = time

             $w = width

             $h = height

             $name = multi-purpose (e.g. window title)

             $nb_name = like $name but without blanks in resulting strings

             $profile = name of current profile

             $R = random char (e.g. $RRRR = ag4r)

             %NN = counter

            The string is interpretted by strftime. See "man strftime" for

            more examples.

            As an example: shutter -f -e -o './%y-%m-%d_$w_$h.png' would

            create a file named '11-10-28_1280_800.png' in the current


    -d, --delay=SECONDS

            Wait n seconds before taking a screenshot.

    -c, --include_cursor

            Include cursor when taking a screenshot.

    -C, --remove_cursor

            Remove cursor when taking a screenshot.

  Application Options:

    -h, --help

            Prints a brief help message and exits.

    -v, --version

            Prints version information.

    --debug Prints a lot of debugging information to STDOUT.


            Clears cache, e.g. installed plugins, at startup.


            Starts Shutter minimized to tray.


            Disables systray icon.

    -e, --exit_after_capture

            Exit after the first capture has been made. This is useful when

            using Shutter in scripts.

    -n, --no_session

            Do not add the screenshot to the session. This is useful when

            using Shutter in scripts.


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